John and I first became involved in the world of  showing dogs in the early

1980’s when we fell in love with a very cute 8 eight week old cuddly bear

called Garth.  No not a Corgi, as he already weighed in at a healthy fifteen pounds, but a wonderful Rottweiler otherwise known as Panicular Goliath.



 It was suggested one day by the breeder that we should show him.  Not

knowing how our life would change forever we took him along to one of the largest Specialist Championship Shows when he was nine months, to our amazement we won Best Puppy In Show, that was it hooked for life.



Nicki started her showing career at the age of  four years handling Garths’ younger brother Ronnie, he performed so well for her we decided that it

must have been the eye to eye contact between dog and handler.





Being of a slightly nervous disposition the decision was taken that if we

were to continue we should really find a more appropriate sized dog for

our very young daughter to handle.  The choice of Breed had to be excellent

in character, sturdy, have plenty of stamina in order to keep up with our,

by then, numerous Rottweilers and in the Working Group.  As far as we

were concerned there was no contest at all it just had to be the

Pembroke Welsh Corgi.



 The decision made we contacted the late Miss Jane Evans of the Penmoel

Kennel and after some deliberation she decided to let us have pick of the

bitches out of her next litter from Penmoel Black Braid and

Canadian Ch. Kaytop Ming.  When the time came we fell in love with an

eight week old red and white puppy bitch, Penmoel Milisande at Penliath, we named her Carla and she is behind all our dogs to this day.



 After Carla had produced her first litter Nicki decided that she would like to be independent, as she had now progressed to Primary School, she decided on Penarlton as her kennel name and Carla can also be found behind all Penarlton pedigrees. 



Nicki and I decided in 1999 that we would own jointly the Penliath and

Penarlton Affixes ensuring that we were joint Owners and Breeders

of any future Litters.  To this day we still own and maintain both Kennel

names but it can be found that all Pembroke Litters are now solely

registered under the Penliath Affix.






We fell in love with this wonderful Breed from the very first time we had

contact with it and everyday our love and admiration grows even more.


 We hope you enjoy your brief  encounter with our World and invite you

browse through our pages again to view new developments

at Penliath and Penarlton.





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Chris & Nicki Blance


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